Stress and Anxiety Should be Treated without any Delay

Stress is a condition which may arise from a situation or thought that makes a person frustrated, angry or anxious and what may be stressful for one person need not be stressful for another. On the other hand, anxiety is when a person feels apprehensive or fearful and the source of this uneasiness may not always be known or recognized and so contributes further to the distress felt by the patient. Therefore stress and anxiety are not one and the same and are caused and treated differently. Anxiety disorders are an aggregate of psychiatric conditions that cause the person to feel excessive anxiety.

On the other hand, stress may be caused by emotional instability such as too much grief and depressive thoughts and may also be a result of overactive thyroids, low blood sugar or even heart attacks. No matter what, stress and anxiety need to be properly addressed and finding the source of the stress or anxiety should be paramount in the minds of those treating such disorders. This may not always be possible though one may make a small beginning by charting out the things one thinks is causing a person to be stressed out.

Once the possible source of stress and anxiety has been identified, one should then find someone trustworthy enough to whom one can pour out one’s feelings and thoughts. Many a time, talking about such matters may help relieve the stress and anxiety and there are also communities that have support groups and hotlines to help out. One should also live a healthy life and eat a well-balanced diet without overeating. In addition, the need to get enough sleep cannot be overemphasized and exercising regularly will surely help alleviate stress and anxiety. One should use little alcohol and caffeine and also not use nicotine, cocaine or any of the other recreational drugs.

In case a person feels crushing chest pain accompanied by shortness of breath, dizziness or sweating one should immediately call 911. Also, go to the doctor at once if you have thoughts of committing suicide or bouts of dizziness, quickened breathing or a heartbeat that begins to race. One may get in touch with a health care provider when one is unable to work of function normally or one becomes aware of the source of feeling stress and anxiety.